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Lakshmi Sound Sanctuary

Finding Our Life Song!

Last Sunday a lovely group of ladies gathered at my home for a workshop on Mantra and the practice of Chanting.

We began with a meditation followed by some mindful breathing (Pranayama).

A tremendous spaciousness and a corresponding silence was experienced by all as we chanted AUM.

A delicious High Tea was provided as well and enjoyed by all :-)

Having attune ourselves to this silence and spaciousness we were then able to really open our minds and hearts to the transformative power of Mantra. We focussed mainly on mantras for empowering our lives and helping one to cope in times of stress. The Gayatri Mantra was especially uplifting to participants :-) This is the meaning of this mantra......May the glorious splendor of that Divine life illuminate our meditation.

The final activity was 'Finding our Life Song" Life songs help to transform our jumbled thoughts, judgements and feelings into a harmonious pattern. Chanting our life song while we play the bowls allows the clatter of what Zen Buddhists call “monkey mind” to recede into the background, thus making room for an expansive consciousness through which we can find out essence.

Here are some testimonials from people who participated:

"Thank you Anne for this wonderful workshop. I have come away feeling much calmer but also in the knowledge that I can use my voice in various situations. I am going to practice my breathing and I especially love that I have a Life Song...."

"I had a wonderful feeling of calmness, nothing was hurried. The high tea was absolutely delicious and very generous!"

" I came in with an unsettled, restless mind and left stiller, calmer and equipped to better deal with challenging situations. I also loved using the Tibetan bowls"

"This workshop made me aware of my own ability to achieve calm in difficult times"

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