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Lakshmi Sound Sanctuary

Launching of Level 2 Diploma in Sound Healing

The very first 5 - day intensive workshop leading to the Diploma in Sound Healing was held in the Blue Mountains Australia, from the 21st - 25th July 2016. It was an amazing 5 days with 10 wonderful participants from all over Australia. Here are some personal testimonials from the workshops:

“If you are thinking about doing Sound Healing, then look no further! Anne and her team are wonderful, experienced, knowledgeable and very compassionate facilitators”

Matt Stephenson

“Very inspirational and personally enriching experience! Exhilarating sound experiences and opportunity to try multiple instruments!”


“Treat yourself to the transformational power of sound healing under the expert guidance of Anne Ridgway……fantastic…life changing….thankyou”

Tracey Woods

“This workshop allowed me to connect with the supportive energy of like - minded aspiring sound healers. The practical application and use of an extensive range of instruments plus the theory of sound healing was worth the investment”

Trina Northam

“Highly recommended - a body, soul, mind sound healing and learning experience”


“Powerful, life affirming, nurturing and soul expanding. Thank you! I can’t express my gratitude enough!!”

Donna Turner

“Amazing tools for transformation. Level 2 will take you through self healing so don’t be surprised when it happens. These are tools for life, not just business. Thank you!”

Lucas Cook

“An extremely valuable 5 days for anyone seeking a future in any form of therapy let alone sound. This 5 days with Anne has provided a ‘sound’ basis for my future practice as a Sound Therapist. Lovely also to spend time with like-minded people and make new friends. Thank you Anne”

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