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Lakshmi Sound Sanctuary

Sound Healing Training, Events, Treatments and Retreats
Tweed Heads - New South Wales

A holistic way to improving your health in the Tweed Heads region.

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Sound Healing Events Tweed Heads - Sound Baths Tweed Heads
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Tweed Heads Sound Healing Treatments and Packages

Lakshmi Sound Healing provide a range of sound healing treatments and packages to the Tweed Heads region. We can provide sound baths, gong baths, 1 on 1 sound healing sessions or group sound healing sessions in Tweed Heads. We cater for private and corporate sound healing experiences in the Tweed Heads region and surrounds. Check out our available treatments by clicking the link below.

Tweed Heads Sound Healing Treatments

Tweed Heads Sound Healing Workshops and Training

Annie Ridgway is the original pioneer who set up and first taught Sound Healing Courses with the Sound Healing Academy in Australia; and now delivers her sound healing workshops in the Tweed Heads region. Annie has trained all of the Sound Healing Academy Teachers in Australasia as well as design most of the high-quality courses available. Annie delivers Level 1, Level 2 and Instrument specific sound healing workshops in the Tweed Heads area. 


Annie has over 15 years experience in facilitating workshops; including: Voice, Mantra and all of the Sound Healing Academy courses. She has a vast amount of experience and a highly refined skill set.

Learn how to work with Crystal Singing Bowls & Tuning Forks in Sound Healing Tweed Heads.

Learn the foundations of Integral Sound Healing & working with Himalayan/Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Learn how to work with hand held Frame Drums, Percussion and Gongs in Tweed Heads.
Learn how the 5 elements of consciousness: spirit, soul, mind, emotion, body can be integrated with sound healing in our Tanglewood, Byron Bay and Sunshine Coast workshops.


Come and learn sound healing in Tweed Heads from one of the best!

Check out our next Tweed Heads area Sound Healing workshops

Tweed Heads Sound Healing Workshop
Sound Healing Testimonials

"Every so often I come across a healing that resonates deeply and that's how I feel about Annie and her sound therapy. Plagued with chronic tiredness and a body that ached continually, I struggled to make it through the day. 

After one session I felt lighter and rejuvenated The heaviness that had invaded my body had lifted and I found myself moving through my days with greater ease. Some people have regular massages or other therapies to nurture and heal themselves but for me sound healing does what nothing else could and for that I am truly grateful! My most heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Annie who is truly a gifted healer!! "

Chris - Australia

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