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Sound Healing Retreat at Award Winning 5 Star Spa and Wellness Centre - Kamalaya - Koh Samui - Thailand

 A 5 - day Sound Healing Immersion For Transformation and Well – Being.


Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa & Health Resort,

Koh Samui – Thailand


Kamalaya is the perfect location for you to immerse yourself in Healing Sounds; including the nurturing sounds of nature, within a supportive and

spiritual space of connection with a beautiful environment and like-minded people. The lotus is a metaphor for opening up and blossoming into full beauty and potential. Healing through working with the voice and other sound & musical instruments enables you to experience the depth of your true essence and potential for personal growth and transformation.

Using mainly the Voice, Tibetan Bowls and Tuning Forks.
Following the listed guiding principles, you will be led through a healing process using Sound and the Voice. The aim is to address 2 Healing principles on each day.

Guiding Principles of Integral Sound Healing:

  • Heart Connection

  • Intention Setting

  • Assessing Energy Fields

  • Co - Creating Resonance

  • Triggering the Relaxation Response

  • Releasing

  • Transforming Resistance

  • Reforming Patterns of Wellness

  • Reflection

  • Recommendations

Workshop Times:

5 days – 2 x 2 hour sessions each day.
10.00 – 12pm
2.00 – 4pm

This allows for you to have your all inclusive treatments, attend other resort activities, relax as well as have good meal breaks during your stay.



Details of the 5 - day Program

Each day will begin with some gentle exercise and a vocal warm-up.


Welcome, Introduction and Overview of Integral Sound Healing and our unique 10-Step Process incorporating Healing Sounds.


You’ll learn how to use sound and muscle testing to assess imbalances in your own energy fields and to help guide the sound healing process.

Before the active work begins with healing sounds in a session, we need to enable ourselves to connect with our health challenges with acceptance and unconditional love. We teach you how to work with breathing techniques and sounds to facilitate this step in the process.


Chronic stress underlies 80% of the health challenges. You’ll learn how to trigger the relaxation response with healing sounds to reduce stress and create calmness.

Pain, illness and dis-ease are often the result of stuck or blocked energy. This is usually associated with the repression or suppression of emotions relating to past trauma. We teach you how to work with healing sounds to help yourself to release energy and let go of the patterns of ill health.


Resistance to successful outcomes of sound healing is a natural part of the process. You’ll learn to spot the signs of resistance within yourself and how to gently transform the resistance with healing sounds into positive flow.

When you have been able to release the unhealthy patterns and transformed the resistance, you’ll need to consciously work to create new patterns of health, vitality and wellness. You’ll learn how to do this effectively


The sound - healing journey becomes deep, profound and long- lasting when we are able to reflect on the process. You’ll learn how to work with sounds to facilitate reflection and stimulate an awakening of consciousness.

The sound healing process is most effective when you are actively engaged in it, taking responsibility for your own health and wellness. You’ll learn what recommendations are best suited to your personal needs.

For more information on this Retreat Package or to book in click on the link below:


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