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Sound Harmonic Spa

Experience complete and deep relaxation as you are immersed in a sound web.

A sound web is comprised of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, bells, vocal chanting, rain sticks and ocean drums.

• Creating balance and harmony

• Stress reduction and relaxation

• Trauma recovery

• Increased vitality and energy

• Enhancement of creativity

• Sleep Improvement

• Greater health and well-‐being


Initial 1 1/2 hour consultation - $120

Follow up 1 hour sessions - $95


Personal Coaching

This is a 30 minute additional component of a Sound Harmonic Spa Treatment. Gain more clarity of your life's purpose and be led through gentle steps towards change and a more fulfilling life.


Group Sound Bath

A sound bath is a guided meditation accompanied by sound and musical instruments such as Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and gongs, with Anne’s pure voice woven throughout. Benefits include:


• Mind /Body balance

• Stress release

• Relaxation & a calm mind

• Increased energy

• A better night’s sleep


Held in Byron Bay venue - TBA $35

Ginger tea and a light supper is provided 



Also available for hire at other venues.

Sound Bath New2.jpg
Tuning Fork Therapy

A powerful Sound Healing treatment which focuses on very specific health and emotional challenges. Using the Harmonic Spectrum tuning forks, both sides of the brain are brought in balance and harmony, leaving you feeling refreshed and clear once more. Osteophonic tuning forks are used on the meridians and pressure points to assist with alleviating joint and muscle pain.

Cost - $75 for 45 mins

Voice Therapy for Health and Well-being

Find your true voice. Release energy blockages both in the physical and subtle body. Discover the joy of toning and chanting for enhanced health and well-being.

Cost - $75 for 45 mins

Singing on the Breath Workshops


Singing on the breath means singing from the most essential vocal organ, the diaphragm. gaining strength and breath control opens the door to limitless possibilities with the voice. This workshop also explores songs from different parts of the world and harmonizing in parts. Learn about the transformational potential and power of chanting mantras.

Cost of a One - Day workshop - $225

Sound Healing Training & Workshops

Learn about the fundamentals of Sound Healing and gain an understanding of the limitless possibilities for health and well-being with this powerful healing modality.

Click here for more information


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