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Lakshmi Sound Sanctuary

Sound Healing Offerings, Events, Treatments and Retreats

A holistic way to improving your health.
Discover the healing power of Sound Healing.....

Lakshmi Sound Sanctuary provides a safe, loving energetic space to promote personal growth, self- healing, self - empowerment where community can collectively raise their vibration to help our planet evolve on all levels of consciousness through the medium of sound, frequency and loving & focussed intention.

The essence of Lakshmi Sound Sanctuary is encapsulated in loving intention and healing frequency.

Many leading scientists now understand what the ancient mystics have known for thousands of years – the true nature of everything in life is made up of energy waves surrounded by space in which everything is connected in a unifying Field. Every form has a unique vibrational frequency. Through the use of sound as harmonic resonance, coupled with deliberate intent and positive beliefs, it is possible to alter the vibrational properties of cells and facilitate our natural healing potential to create joyous lives rich in peace, harmony and wellness.

Sound Healing Testimonials

"Every so often I come across a healing that resonates deeply and that's how I feel about Annie and her sound therapy. Plagued with chronic tiredness and a body that ached continually, I struggled to make it through the day. 

After one session I felt lighter and rejuvenated The heaviness that had invaded my body had lifted and I found myself moving through my days with greater ease. My most heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Annie who is
truly a gifted healer!! "

Chris - Australia


Enjoy the following benefits:

Creating balance and harmony

Pain Relief

Stress reduction and relaxation

Increased vitality and energy

Enhancement of creativity

Sleep Improvement

Greater health and well-being

Discover the healing power of Sound.....

Harmonic Sound Spa Healing session

Tuning Fork Therapy

Group Sound Bath

Singing & Sound Workshops

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