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Lakshmi Sound Sanctuary

Sound Healing Training, Events, Treatments and Retreats Locations

Lakshmi Sound Sanctuary Locations
Discover the healing power of Sound Healing.....

Many leading scientists now understand what the ancient mystics have known for thousands of years – the true nature of everything in life is made up of energy waves surrounded by space in which everything is connected in a unifying Field. Every form has a unique vibrational frequency. Through the use of sound as harmonic resonance, coupled with deliberate intent and positive beliefs, it is possible to alter the vibrational properties of cells and facilitate our natural healing potential to create joyous lives rich in peace, harmony and wellness.

Annie Ridgway - Director

Certificate in Acupressure and Meridians - Nature Care College Sydney
Diploma of Sound Healing for both 1:2:1 and Groups - with

the Sound Healing Academy, UK

15 years of Professional teaching and performing as a singer/songwriter.


“ I believe in the innate ability for people to heal themselves with the help

of the transformative power of healing sounds along with loving intention”


 An accomplished musician, Annie has led workshops on the voice and sound healing for over 15 years both in Australia and Overseas. With a Certificate and a Diploma in Sound Therapy through the Sound Healing Academy in the UK, Anne offers her skills in Sound Healing for health and well-being.


Annie is also a contemporary singer-songwriter. A soaring voice, flowing lyrics and ambient, intricate guitar work best describe her soulful music. Hailed as one of the Blue Mountains' "best loved musicians" back in 2005; her music has been described as inspiring and healing. With four CDs to her name Annie's music has been well received by many audiences . Annie holds singing and songwriting workshops and has performed at many festivals and venues both in Australia and overseas.

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